Rose Hill Subway under A666

This series of murals was commissioned by Bolton At Home together with Bolton Town Council in response to an award winning idea from the pupils of Little Lever School, Bolton.



I really wanted to show images of “everyday” people in the reflect that the subway is used everyday by people shopping, going to and from work or school, walking the dog(s), visiting friends, keeping fit, passing through to visit the gym or snooker hall etc. We wanted to show “ordinary” people…but to paint them in extra-ordinary colours for two reasons.

1). I wanted the murals to have maximum visual impact hence the strong tonal and  bright colour combinations.
2). All “ordinary” people have extra-ordinary stories, if you listen………we all have stories of worry, anxiety, stress, death, illness, pain, love, pleasure, fun, hope, aspirations, dreams…and that’s the second reason for extra-ordinary colours.