A visit to Derbyshire at Leabrooks Arts Complex

From the comfort of Leabrooks Arts Complex, visit a German lake, a living room in Manchester, Formby Beach, the banks of the River Ribble, a hotel in Barcelona, a Barcelona cafe and the sunny foothills of the North West Pennines…see below for details!


Last Thursday afternoon, after a delivery to a gallery in Worcester, I took the M5, M42 and M1 to Leabrooks Arts Complex in Somercotes, Derbyshire. It was the second warm welcome of the day and I enjoyed putting the world to rights with Carol and John in addition to sharing the “joys” of getting older. I’ve been told that wisdom comes with age but I’ve yet to find any evidence of this in respect of my own capabilities! They say the good die young..well what does that say about me then!? Also, I’ve clearly left it too late to live fast and die young. I don’t wish to spend too much time winging about the degradation of my ageing body because there is an alternative to old age…and I’m not too keen on that just yet!

Anyway, here are the fresh works which are now available from the wonderful people at Leabrooks Arts Complex. Get in touch with Carol and/or John for further details at https://leabrooks-arts-complex.business.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral

Celine Gittens from Birmingham Royal Ballet as Odette in Swan Lake


Celine Gittens from Birmingham Royal Ballet as Odette in Swan Lake.
Odette No.3


Celine Gittens as Odette in Swan Lake by Birmingham Royal Ballet. A Carlos Acosta masterpiece!
Odette No.5


Low Winter Sun, sun streaming into a room
Low Winter Sun No.1


Beach Isolation, lone figure on Formby beach
Beach Isolation


A view of the River Ribble just before the heavens opened!
Before The Rain No.2

The following Monoprints are also available from the Gallery’s browser. Both are inspired by a visit to Barcelona.

A woman sits in the cool shade of a Barcelona hotel room as the afternoon sun burns below in La Rambla.
Hotel Oriente No.2
People relaxing in the shade of a canopy during the mid-day heat in Barcelona.
Jardin Da La Santa Creu No.3

Leabrooks Arts Complex not only have the above original monoprints but they also have an oil on board, painted en plein air on one of my favourite tracks found in the foothills of Winter Hill, north of Bolton, (Greater Manchester speaking politically, but Lancashire if speaking geographically! Some folk get excited about this issue). See below for “With The Sun On Your Back”, painted on location on a glorious day.

A sun streaked track in the foothills of Winter Hill, north of Bolton, Greater Manchester.
With The Sun On Your Back

ALL WORKS AVAILABLE FROM Leabrooks Arts Complex..click here