Delivery of new work to Bevere Gallery

Setting off bright and early on Thursday morning 18.08.2023 I arrived at Bevere Gallery in Worcester to the usual warm welcome! I had removed all previous work from the Gallery prior to exhibiting at Printfest 2023 in April. It was time to provide Bevere Gallery with fresh work. Coastal scenes and interiors have formed two series of monotypes recently and it seemed appropriate to take a sample from each series.

“Leaving or Arriving” is a monotype and mixed media work inspired by a particularly sad visit to my father’s hometown of Dover for a family funeral. Despite the circumstances of the trip it was wonderful to catch-up with my cousins after so many years.


Another monotype from my coastal series is “Sun Streaked Beach” and is inspired by numerous sketching visits to Formby Beach. This work is based on an oil on canvas I produced.

SunStreakedBeach, Formby Beach

The inspiration for the following “interiors” vary but I suppose they all have atmospheric light in common. The rooms depicted below are from West Scotland, East Scotland, Somerset and Manchester.

Morning Sunshine No.1, sun reflecting in a dining room
Morning Sunshine No.1


Scottish Cottage, light enters a cottage
Scottish Cottage


The Last Time, light streams through an open door
The Last Time

Street Light



Ornithology Window Shopping, Cat in kitchen window
Ornithology: Window Shopping


Absent Friend. empty armchair overlooking loch
Absent Friend No.1

For more information on these works please contact Bevere Gallery here.

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