Two into Four does go…

On Monday 6th November 2017 I left home in darkness together with freezing fog. By the time I drove through Abbey Village the fog had cleared and from around Lancaster onwards the sun was so bright I wore shades for the remainder of the journey…that’s Britain I guess.

My first stop was Newcastle-upon-Tyne where I collected unsold artwork and delivered fresh work and then onto Berwickshire, Scotland. It was great to see Jenny and Chris’s smiling and welcoming faces when I arrived at Number Four Gallery. The gallery is situated just off the cliff walk (inland obviously!) on the road between St.Abbs and Coldingham. As I approached the gallery the bales of hay in the fields were casting strong shadows and the turquoise sea provided a cool relief to the warm colours of the fields. I knew there was a painting in me of this view. I had sat in a field on the opposite side of the road and painted a similar (but different) work last year and I was keen to use this wonderful view of fields rolling down towards the sea again. Sadly by the time I had parked up and wandered down the lane to my chosen vantage point the light had changed and the moment had gone. I looked into the sky with the hope that the sun was lost behind a single errant cloud but no, there was a blanket of cloud which went on and on as far as the eye could see and the wind was blowing in my direction. This cloudy sky was in for the remainder of the day…that particular painting will have to wait until next year!

Two into Four? “Two Oak Trees” has now been delivered to Number Four Gallery and will be available from from this weekend. In this painting I found two oak trees which had been shaped by the wind..but I found them on a lovely bright summer’s day with the occasional cloud floating by in the warm summer breeze. There’s nothing dynamic about this painting but for a few moments I stood before this view, contemplative and at one with the world.

Other works currently at Number Four Gallery are: