New exhibition featuring ceramics and textiles

We are delighted to welcome Jo Ladd, textile artist along with Nigel Leighton, ceramic artist with their collaborative touring exhibition “#52 Bowls 2020”. Each artist produced a bowl each week of 2020, Nigel working in ceramic and Jo working in felt. Nigel will also be showing his “A Sense of Time” collection of work featuring ceramics and multi-media work. Jo will have two dimensional work on display in the exhibition in addition to her 52 bowls. Come along to FaMAS to see the 104 bowls along with other work from each artist’s oeuvre.


For more information on Nigel and Jo please see biographies below:


As mentioned earlier, Nigel and Jo will also be exhibiting other work in addition to their 52 bowls. See below for a taste of Nigel’s “A Sense of Time”.