During a recent trip to Scotland to deliver fresh work to Number Four Gallery in St. Abbs I stayed over for a couple of nights with my friend and fellow artist, Nigel Leighton, in the nearby village of Coldingham. My visits to this part of the country have led to a number of paintings and the last visit was no exception.

It had been years since my wife, Mel, had been to Lindisfarne and I had never been. Coincidentally, Nigel had not been for some years and his wife, Sally, had also never visited the island. Nigel and I postponed our planned cycle ride until the following day so that the four of us could visit the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. We were lucky with the weather…occasional blues skies and warm sunshine mixed with threatening clouds over the North Sea. We just about enjoyed¬† our lunch al fresco¬†but only just as it started to rain just as we sat down..fortunately it stopped almost as soon as it started. The dramatic skies over the North Sea were irresistible and on my return to my studio I started a painting inspired by the atmospheric light above the Holy Island of Lindisfarne.

This is UNFINISHED but here it is….with plenty still to do, it is beginning to express something of the atmospheric light that treated our eyes and soul…well, at least, I hope it is!