With The Sun On Your Back

This was painted whilst in the landscape on a glorious September morning. I had to trample down some very resistant nettles to find the desired vantage point. Other than the occasional drone of a car engine passing along the road at the end of the track, the only sounds were those of the birds, the gentle breeze and at one stage the cows. Although largely hidden from their view by a dry-stone wall and overgrown bushes the cows made their way over towards me. One in particular seemed very inquisitive, leaning her head over the fence and wall to see what I was doing. I’ve painted this track before and no doubt I will paint it again some day. I’ve also ridden this track many times on my mountain bike. This is the track that joins Longshaw Ford Road and Smithills Dean Road which passes Pendlebury’s Farm, near Bolton, Greater Manchester or for some it seems Bolton is still in Lancashire.