It’s near enough for Jazz

Over the years I have taken my son and two daughters to a local guitar tutor called Simon Lilley. Simon is an astonishingly talented guy who seems to be able to play anything from any genre, be it Rock, Folk, Classical, Spanish, Country or Jazz. He’s technically brilliant on ukulele, bass, mandolin, banjo, lute and of course, guitar. When my son would almost get a guitar passage correct, Simon would often smile and say, “It’s near enough for Jazz”. There always seemed an irony here and an old conundrum springs to mind:

“What’s the difference between a Rock guitarist and a Jazz Guitarist?”

“A Rock guitarist plays three chords to thousands of people whereas a Jazz guitarist plays thousands of chords to three people!”

I mention this with my tongue firmly in my cheek and the title of this blog is also meant “tongue in cheek”. So what’s all this about? Well, I think I may have finished a painting inspired by an incredible night at Band On The Wall, Manchester way back in July 2017. Here is “Miles Mosley And The West Coast Get Down” oil on canvas…possibly finished..

To view the sketches from my sketchbook from the sound-check see: