Joanne Shaw Taylor

In October 2015 I went to see fellow Brummie Joanne Shaw Taylor at The Grand Venue, Clitheroe and following a terrific gig I began composing a painting inspired by the performance. After many sessions at my easel I finally completed the 50cm x 50cm oil on canvas. I didn’t have a title for the painting so posted it on FaceBook asking for suggestions and the one which seemed most appropriate was “Absorption”. The finished painting can be found on my website at

More recently I saw Joanne Shaw Taylor at Manchester Academy and I’ve been working on a canvas inspired by another great performance. I usually prefer to have a number of paintings on the go at any one time. With the drying time of oil paint taking days, I am able to work on another painting whilst others dry. I spent another session on this work today and I must stress that it is UNFINISHED….but it gives an idea of how it is progressing….

There is no title yet for this painting……