Miles Mosley and The West Coast Get Down

Way back in January 2015 I contacted Miles Mosley with a view to sketching him at a sound-check at sometime in the future. Miles graciously agreed and I eventually managed to get to see him yesterday. It has been a long wait but man, was it worth it! Before I went self-employed to work on my art full-time I taught Design in a local secondary school. During Graphic Design lessons I would show kids the Miles Mosley “Voodoo Chile” footage on Youtube. Occasionally someone would ask, “Excuse me Sir, but what’s this got to do with Graphic Design?” I would reply, “Nothing at all but you are here to be educated and this is part of a balanced education.” And so it is!


I have waited years to see Miles Mosley and last night he chalked these words from his Mother on his double bass, “IT IS TO THE ONE WHO ENDURES THAT THE FINAL VICTORY COMES”. That will do for me.

There is a saying that you shouldn’t meet your heroes. I suppose the view is that you may be disappointed. I have to say that going to gigs and getting permission to sketch musicians during their sound-check has provided me with an experience that is theĀ antithesis of this saying. Of all the musicians that I’ve sketched none have ever disappointed me…except maybe for one….and perhapsĀ I just caught him on a bad day..after all we all have ’em. My advice is if you get an opportunity to meet any of the people that you admire, respect, love, worship, adore or even just like….take it!

I must say a big THANKS to Mike and Mike at Band On The Wall and also to Sergio, Barbara, Miles and the guys for their hospitality yesterday afternoon and evening. I have mentioned this before but I cannot over-emphasise the importance (for me) of drawing from life. I know it is becoming a mantra but when you draw, you really look and when you really look, you really see. Massive thanks for the opportunity everyone!

I have been through the sketches from yesterday (2o pages from my sketchbook) along with the photographs (well over 100) and I am confident that there’s a painting from last night’s show…what a gig…I just hope that I can do these guys justice!