Halestorm and Rews update!

At present I have five paintings in various stages of progress and at least seven lino-cuts that are just waiting to be drawn onto the plates before cutting commences. All the lino-cuts and one of the paintings are from my Artist-in-Residence at The Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival 2018. A second painting is from The Met, Bury and is inspired by Dan Patlansky.

The remaining three paintings are from an excellent night at Manchester Apollo where Rews and Avatar supported Halestorm…what an evening! The Avatar canvas is at a very early stage and the Rews canvas is just a little more developed whilst the canvas inspired by Halestorm is just a bit further on than the Rews canvas…..all are some way from being resolved.

This photograph of the oil on canvas was taken outside my studio late this afternoon. It is really just the “under-painting” as there is a long way to go before this one will be considered finished. Nonetheless I feel happier to have put down some tones and I now have a better idea about how the composition and poses will work.

I spent most of the day re-working this Halestorm inspired canvas. Although at a very early stage the muted colours and the structure of the painting have been established but tonally I want more dynamic contrasts which I hope will provide the drama of this rather intimate part of the concert. There are huge amounts still to do but at least when I return to it the paint should be dry. Further updates will be in the New Year.