Robert J. Hunter

Last year I exhibited paintings and prints at a Laurence Jones gig at The Raven by kind invitation of the Corn Market Blues promotion team and was delighted to be invited back to exhibit at a Sari Schorr gig earlier this year. Supporting Sari Schorr was the excellent Robert J. Hunter band. Once I had finished setting up my display in the bar area I was able to sketch the sound-checks. I know that some of you have heard this before but drawing is very important to me because when you draw, you have to really look and when you really look, you really see! Yikes, I’ve said it again! The drawings done during the sound-check and during the gig (for I manged to position myself under a side light during part of the gig) along with photographs and memories enabled me to commence work on an oil painting inspired by the Robert J. Hunter Band. Last week I thought that this painting was finished but having returned to it today having rested my eyes from it for a couple of days I immediately felt that some further tweaking would improve it. Finally, late this afternoon after some minor re-working of certain areas I’m confident that this painting is now finished. I hope I’ve done the band justice because they provided a great set…mixing their own impressive work with a couple of Rory Gallagher numbers thrown in. I saw Rory Gallagher a few times back in the 1970s and it was lovely to see Robert J. Hunter pay homage to Rory and in doing so put his own stamp on the songs. To see details of the oil on canvas inspired by this powerful trio see:¬†