The Blues Band

A friend of mine ‘phoned to say he wanted a ticket for The Blues Band at The Met, Bury and asked if I wanted to go. We contacted another friend but he was busy on the night of the gig so in the end I was only after two tickets. I went online and bought two of the three remaining ¬†tickets! Phew! Thank goodness I managed to buy them…for I was graciously allowed to sketch the band during the sound-check (I prefer to work from life wherever I can) and I also manged to take some useful photographs to use as reference.

I’ve been to see a number of musicians who are still performing in their 70’s and The Blues Band proved to be yet another group of people doing what they do and doing it so well! These guys have a quiet and unassuming self assurance¬†and confidence that is a pleasure to witness first hand. Great musicianship coupled with mischievous yet good natured humour provided us all with a really upbeat evening of entertainment. Man, these guys can play! Here is the painting that they have inspired….