Todd Kerns!

As with other painters I paint largely in isolation. Sometimes I meet or hear from collectors who have bought my work but if the work is bought through one of the galleries who represent me, I rarely know where it has gone or who has bought it.

Over the last few years I have been enormously humbled and incredibly empowered by comments and remarks made by the musicians who I have painted. I suppose like many artists, I would just carry on painting what I paint regardless of whether anyone likes it or buys it. We do what we do…maybe by habit but more likely because it is what defines us. Earlier today I posted online a painting that I will be exhibiting at the Manchester Art Fair. It is wonderful when the people that you are trying to capture actually like your work. Music is the purest art form and live music is often transcendental…I guess I’m trying to paint the transcendental, so when Todd Kerns posts a “story” on Instagram that he loves my painting it is just so very, very heart-warming.

Massive thanks to Todd for this!

Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators……with Todd Kerns on bass!