A visit to Cheshire

Earlier today I visited Dan and Loren at The Lady Longhorn Gallery in Cheshire to deliver some more work. The Lady Longhorn Gallery is part of The Cheshire Art Hub. What a place! There can be few galleries that enjoy such panoramic views across verdant countryside. If you have not been to this gallery then you really ought to try to arrange a visit. You could sign up for a workshop, enjoy a coffee from the cafe, enjoy the wide variety of art on display, buy from a selection of greeting cards, enjoy the views or of course you could do all five of these things. I managed four of the five today and was really struck by the work-space for workshops, the gallery area and the beautiful views from the gallery windows. This is a gorgeous environment for a gallery.

Here are the three original paintings delivered today:

“Autumn Mist On Winter Hill”


“Beware The Bog”

“Spring Is In The Air No.2”

The following paintings are also available from Lady Longhorn Gallery:

“Winter Sun”

“Autumn Shade”


All inquiries about these artworks should be to:

Lady Longhorn Gallery

TEL: 01829 771993

EMAIL: [email protected]

EMAIL: [email protected]