Sari Schorr

Earlier this year I was invited to exhibit paintings and prints by the promoters of the Corn Market Blues gig featuring Sari Schorr. After I had set-up my easels and tables I was delighted to sketch Sari Schorr and her band during the sound-check and discuss my work with members of the band. I had already featured keyboard player Bob Fridzema in an earlier painting “March Of The Blues” when he was with King King. I had been looking forward to seeing Sari Schorr live for a while and it was great to “kill two birds with one stone” by being able to also see Ash Wilson on guitar. I had been following his social media posts about his new Duesenberg guitar and had been listening to his debut album (over and over again). Happily this turned out to be the guitar of his choice at The Raven. I had read a story by Andy Powell of Wishbone Ash about his Duesenberg and was keen to see and hear one close up. Sari Schorr and Ash Wilson along with the rest of the band provided an absolutely superb set and I felt confident that the drawings, photographs and memories would provide me with enough material to produce a painting. Earlier this afternoon I finally completed this oil on canvas…full details at:¬†