Too big? Too expensive?

I have recently received orders for prints of my work which in itself is not unusual, however these orders differed from the norm in that the clients wanted the prints to be smaller than the originals. The reasons are two-fold:

1). If the Giclee prints had been the same size as the original paintings, they would not have fitted into the clients’ rooms. Smaller prints are being produced to sizes that the clients have requested.

2). Full-sized Giclee prints usually cost between £115-£150 but an A4 sized Giclee print will cost between £60-£75.

If you have felt that a work was too big or too expensive, just get in touch to discuss the possibility of getting a smaller Giclee print…thereby reducing both size and cost. You decide on the size ensuring that you get a piece of work that will look right in its setting.