You’re never too old to learn!

This is the first of two printmaking workshops forming part of Suzanne Hindle’s “Heritage Walks” project. Members and volunteers from Halliwell Befriending Service visited my studio to take part in a printmaking workshop taking inspiration from the local heritage. It is fitting that my studio is in the Grade II listed Falcon Mill….the first cotton mill to be built using a concrete in-fill construction.

Welcome to Falcon Mill Artists Studios! Here we have part of our exhibition gallery. I’ve placed the “inking-up” table in the middle of the gallery.



Here is the group in my studio…ready to start doing some relief printmaking. On the wall behind me there are examples of my own relief prints…lino cuts inspired by various live music performances.
The inking-up “demo”.


Jim holds up his print of a local mill found near Brownlow Fold. Printed on green paper of course, Jim!


Edith with her print of Falcon Mill. I might have to have a signed copy of this one myself!

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