Fabulous day at Art Gallery of New South Wales

My trip to the other side of the world provided opportunities today that one can only dream about. Firstly I have found an artist new to me and secondly I discovered the gallery’s print room.

I visited the Art Gallery Of New South Wales in Sydney where I came across the work of Arthur Streeton for the first time. I immediately fell in love with this guy’s paintings. Painted with astonishing briskness and assurance of touch, his use of colour is breathtaking! Until today I had never heard of this artist but I have returned to my son’s apartment in Bondi with a warm glow which has nothing to do with the gorgeous weather and everything to do with today’s experience at the gallery.


I followed the signs to the gallery’s print room but found no prints on display. A very helpful lady called Deborah informed me that I could make an appointment to view some of the gallery’s collection. All I needed to do was name what I wished to see and she would retrieve them from the archive and I could return later in the day to view them. At two o’clock I returned to view works by Rembrandt, Durer and Kollwitz. What an absolute treat to see these works at close quarters and to be able to study them in private. These works are so powerful, so beautiful and I feel blessed to have spent time looking at them today.