Drawing is everything

Those of you who have read my blog posts are likely to have learnt that I value drawing. I often hear myself saying, “When you draw you have to REALLY look and when you REALLY look, you REALLY see.” On my visit to Sydney’s Art Gallery Of New South Wales I stumbled across an exhibition titled, “Brett Whiteley Drawing is everything.” The gallery’s “What’s On” leaflet offers the following description, “A precocious talent for drawing set Whiteley on the path of an extraordinary career as one of Australia’s best-known artists.  Drawing lay at the very heart of everything he did-from painting to sculpture to prints-and was fundamental to his imaginative and creative process. This is the first exhibition to focus on the central place of drawing in Whiteley’s work.”

To my delight I discovered two Whiteley sketches featuring musicians. As much of my own work involves drawing musicians these were of particular interest to me:

I cannot say that I agree with the entire quote below but I do like the final paragraph: