Winter Hill on fire!

I live towards the foot of Winter Hill and the constant sound of sirens along with huge plumes of smoke visible from my house are reminders of the devastation that is happening locally. A couple of years ago I was interviewed by Russell Hedley from The Woodland Trust about my landscape painting across the Smithills Estate and around Winter Hill (see link) . I have enjoyed riding off-road, on road, walking and painting on and around Winter Hill for many years and it is worrying to see this environment so badly destroyed by fire. My father was a Station Officer in the West Midlands Fire and Ambulance Service and I can remember him saying how exhausting it was when beating out grass fires. One of my former pupils is a Fire-fighter  currently fighting the fires on Winter Hill and she, along with her colleagues are in my thoughts and prayers.

The damage to the environment and wild-life is dreadful but hopefully the moors can regenerate over time and return to a healthy condition. In wishing to remain positive, here is a selection of artworks inspired by the landscape around Winter Hill: