Pat McManus Band, Steve Hill and Kenny Wayne Shepherd…in a week!

I ought to explain that I usually have a number of paintings in various stages of completion at my studio. Recently I have had six or seven canvasses underway as this allows me to allow areas of one painting to dry whilst I work on another. I can then return to paintings to re-work them when they are dry. I’ll often work alla prima (wet on wet) but scumbling and glazing are techniques that need the under-painting to be completely dry and it can take weeks for some oil paint to dry. Three fairly “long term” paintings have all reached completion this week….but I have been working on these for a few weeks…it’s just that all three have finally reached their conclusion in the last few days.

The Pat McManus Band, oil on canvas, 56cm x 40.5cm

Steve Hill, oil on canvas, 40.5cm x 61cm

Kenny Wayne Shepherd, oil on canvas, 91cm x 61cm