The Kris Barras Band and Black Water Conspiracy

I was back at my “office” last Saturday having been granted permission to sketch during Kris Barras’s sound-check at Manchester’s “Aatma” venue. Huge thanks to The Kris Barras Band and also to their support, Black Water Conspiracy for allowing me to sketch throughout the sound-checks.

Here are seven pages of rapid-fire sketches from my sketchbook..firstly Kris Barras Band:

Secondly. Black Water Conspiracy:

This promised to be a scintillating gig with both bands giving it their all. A cracking set by Black Water Conspiracy was followed by Kris Barras but unfortunately Kris’s set was truncated due to a young lady in the audience being taken ill. Until then The Kris Barras Band had produced a terrific set and it was a shame for all that we couldn’t enjoy the full performance. I trust the young woman is feeling better and that she can look forward to seeing Kris Barras again under improved circumstances. Until the next time, Kris, all the very best!